11 Waiters Reveal the Painfully Awkward Dates They Served

Watching an awkward exchange between a couple when you know them is bad enough, but imagine having to go through it when you’re hired to wait on them. At least when you’re a friend, you can just exit the situation. When your livelihood depends on it, it’s literally your job to sit there and bask in the awkwardness.

In this recent AskReddit post, a bunch of people revealed some of the cringiest dates they witnessed while on the job.

1. “Sorry I slept with your sister, marry me?”


One guy who worked at a dinner theater spot allowed someone to come up and sing a song. Typically, people will come up to perform and then, out of nowhere, get down on one knee and propose to their significant other. It’s usually a cute, applause-filled affair.

Except this one dude who got a little too tipsy and delivered a “a slurred performance… that seemed to focus on how he was sorry for cheating on this woman with her sister.” Naturally, the woman wasn’t having any of it and stormed out of the venue. The stage manager could only think to grab the mic and simply say, “Well, that’s that.”

– AgainstBelief

2. Dinner and divorce?


When a couple walked into a wine bar for a nice date, the woman was blindsided by the dude serving her divorce papers. “Once appetizers came out the man thought it would be a good idea to serve his wife divorce papers. I did my best to avoid that side of the bar.”

At least the waiter thought to “bring tissues for the wife who was breaking down.” He boxed their dinner for them and the two went back home in the same car together. Ouch.

– ThereandBack22

3. “You didn’t look that fat in your pictures.”


Chalk this one up to a sad consequence of modern romance. A couple comes into a bar, but things don’t look right off the bat because the “guy looks annoyed, [but the] girl looks really excited.” The dude proceeds to ignore the girl the entire night and starts hitting on different women at the bar, including the bartender. When she finally calls him out for his behavior, he insists that he doesn’t want to be there and he’s not going to pay for her drinks or meal, but the worst is when “he…tells her that she didn’t look fat in her picture and he wouldn’t have asked her out if he’d known she was that big.” Ouch.

– icysunshine

4. Deaf couple arguing in sign language.


It’s one thing to walk in on a couple having an argument at a table, and another for it to be a really heated argument. But what about a deaf couple? This waiter saw “them signing furiously” until the woman at the table began “crying and signaling to [the waiter] for a stack of napkins.” They stayed for their meal and throughout the whole thing the woman kept crying and writing paragraphs on the napkin. “When they finally left they tipped [the waiter] pretty well.”

– midgetT-rex

5. Escape plan.


This server “notice[d] a gorgeous blonde in her late 20s is sitting with a very well-manicured looking guy in his mid 40s.” The dude’s dressed to the nines and talking to this young woman, but it’s clear she isn’t into him at all. It’s only a matter of time before “she quickly picks up her phone and frantically calls someone and begs for pickup ASAP” while the banker dude’s in the bathroom.

After 15 minutes or so, a man her age comes into the bar and escorts her out, she cites some kind of family emergency. The banker hangs out for a bit, hits on a waitress, gets rejected, then pays his tab in exact change and doesn’t leave a tip.

– mesoziocera

6. Ouch.


A server witnessed a guy stand up in the middle of dinner at a busy restaurant and “proceeds to tell EVERYONE what a fantastic person his gf is, how much he loves her, and how lucky he is to have her in his life,” while “she is just sitting there watching him with the most boring look on her face.”

After he proposes, “she gives him the most disgusted look imaginable and says ‘THIS is the ring you expect me to say yes to? Are you retarded? Could you be any cheaper?'”

After her outburst, she storms out of the restaurant, leaving the dude on his knee on the floor in front of everyone. At least the waiter didn’t charge him for his meal.

– Penya23

7. Food fetish.


One waiter will never forget the first time they saw a “Really little guy, maybe 5 foot 4, 120 pounds come in with a gigantic woman, probably 6 feet tall and easily 300 pounds.” Turns out these peeps had a food fetish, and the two of them would talk to each other in deep, sexy voices the whole time as he watched her eat. The waiter added that they seemed really “happy” and had a great relationship in the three years they served them.

– significantmundanity

8. Glass fight!


This was was simple drama with a pretty violent end: “There was a couple at my work having drinks, girl went to the toilet, came back and admitted that she’d been sleeping with the guy’s brother. Apparently glasses were thrown across the room and they both got kicked out.”

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

– Foxjessie

9. Back door escape


A couple walks into a restaurant on what appears to be a first date. 30 minutes was probably all the guy needed to know that he wasn’t interested in taking things any further because “the dude comes running into the back and goes, “there’s an exit back here, right?” and proceeds to bolt out of the back door.” The girl sat at the bar for another 45 minutes before she finally left.

– HappyLittleTrees17

10. Never be this guy.


This little insight into a date gone wrong is a perfect example of ruining something with potential. At the start of the date, “from the girl’s body language, you could tell she was into him. As the date progressed she closed off, then sat pretty much sideways, then was playing on her phone.”

In a span of 1 1/2 hours, the dude wouldn’t stop talking and didn’t let her get a word in edgewise.

– TheStankTank

11. New Boo.


What happened to this waiter just seemed like a mean case of an ex trying to get back at their former SO. While he was bringing food to a couple he saw that it was his “ex and her new boyfriend sitting at the table.” Since they had only broken up a month before, “it was incredibly awkward for everyone.” Yikes.

6 Non-Traditional Resumes That Could Land You a Job

Whatever you think of Kim Kardashian and how she rose to fame, there’s undeniable fact about her family: they get money.

They get money from Instagram posts, they get money from cosmetics, they get money from apps, custom emojis, clothes — pretty much anything and everything.

Although it’s easy to get fooled by their plastic surgery, vocal fry, and reality show antics, the Kardashian conglomeration makes bank, so if you’re able to do business with them, there’s a good chance turn a profit.

Or, at the very least, a lasting impression on any potential employers. Which is exactly what happened with Chris Sumlin, when he shared a copy of his resume on Twitter that mentions a connection with Kim herself.


What was the connection? Well, it seems almost silly to mention, and at face value doesn’t seem like that big of a deal:

“Retweeted by Kim Kardashian West for impressive work in graduate school.”

Seems insignificant, right?

Well, it wasn’t to potential employers at least. They must’ve gotten a huge kick out of the mention of Mama Kim, which nailed him three job interviews in under a week.

If you thought that was great, it gets even better.


The tweet gained some steam and was racking up retweets. It eventually caught the attention of Kim herself, who decided to make her retweet of Chris a two-fer.

He’ll have to update his resume to mention he was retweeted by Kim K., not once, but twice.


Oh wait, he already did. That’s what I call a big boss move. If I were him, I’d up the ante on my job search and hit up even bigger fish. A look at his experience is pretty legit already, though, and it seems like he’s already making the right moves.

People were quick to remind us that, while Kim’s retweets are definitely valuable, his other experience is great, too. Credits at BET and FOX aren’t anything to sneeze at, and the man clearly knows how to get attention, which isn’t an easy task on social media.


Chris isn’t the first person, nor will he be the last, to think outside the box when creating an awesome resume. Let us not forget Lukas, who thought of the absolute sweetest way to make sure potential employers saw his resume.

And that was by attaching it to a box of donuts. This industrious young man dressed up like a delivery dude and hit up all major marketing industries in his area with a copy of his resume, along with some locally crafted donuts that definitely made a sweet impression.


The brother of a guy named Steven Case made him a resume in the style of Dungeons & Dragons, and it’s about as nerdy as you would expect. Seriously, just look at this thing and it seems like it was ripped straight out of a dungeon master’s guidebook.


Steven told his bro that the CV basically made him appear “unhireable,” but a lot of people online disagreed.

But maybe that’s because I’m a sucker for a nerdy reference, and there are some people who use undeniably “cooler” source materials for inspiration behind their non-traditional resumes and cover letters.

Like this young woman who crafted a Grimes-style rap to help in her job search.


A lot of people said the only reason Anastasia’s rap cover letter helped her get the attention of a huge job recruiter is because of her ethnicity, and that the rap wasn’t that good in the first place. Regardless, it ultimately worked. And that’s all that probably matters to this woman who hopes to be gainfully employed.

Wieden Kennedy’s flow is undoubtedly good, and he used it to further his marketing career with his awesome pitch to Sprite. While most people were probably sending in standard cover letters with primitive paper and words, Wieden demonstrated his marketing prowess by producing this amazing music video.


After uploading it online, the video became a mini-viral sensation. A look at Mr. Kennedy’s Twitter profile indicates the effort he put into the video paid off: you can tell he’s passionate about what he does and people lapped it up.

When it comes to passion, it’s hard to top what David Casarez did in order to nab himself a job in Silicon Valley, arguably the most competitive place in the world for anyone who’s trying to work in tech.


David left Texas and the “comfortable” jobs he could get in his hometown with a dream of working at a huge firm in the Mecca of technology, but after arriving at Mountain View and applying to tons of jobs for over a year without success, Casarez found himself homeless.

Then he lost his van (where he slept) — but David still didn’t give up. Instead, he printed out a bunch of resumes and held up a sign asking not for handouts, but just the ability to work.

Inspired by his story, a young woman snapped his photo and uploaded it to Twitter.


Her tweet went viral, and he soon found himself fielding over 200 job offers from monster companies like Google, Netflix, and LinkedIn. His out-of-the-box thinking and persistence ultimately paid off.

So maybe if you’re stuck in a rut and want to move forward in your career, try taking some inspiration from these folks. Happy job hunting!

Everything You Need to Know About This Year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

New Yorkers aren’t known to be the most pleasant people around, and even the sight of the gorgeous Rockefeller Christmas tree — seriously, how tall is it anyways? — won’t do much to curtail a city native for mumbling something about tourists if you get in their way while admiring the towering, evergreen conifer.

And although I’ve been late to meetings and events thanks to a combination of MTA unreliability and slow-footed tourists, and even though I’ve seen the Rockefeller Center tree dozens of times, even I have to admit the thing is pretty awe-inspiring.

If you just let that Christmas cheer in, and are maybe under the influence of a little something of your choice, gazing at the lights on this annual masterpiece can make you feel all warm and fuzzy. And it’s been having that effect on people for a very long time, since 1933 to be exact.

Here’s a few things you should know about the 86th tree to go up in New York City that’ll soon be the toast of everyone’s Instagram account.


Where is the Rockefeller Center Tree from this year?


A Norway Spruce has been chosen as the ginormous plant that’ll represent NYC’s yuletide cheer for 2018, but it doesn’t hail from the land of ice and snow. No, it comes from the grounds of State College in Pennsylvania.

How tall is the Rockefeller Christmas tree?


There are some stipulations that the Rockefeller tree must follow: it can’t be shorter than 65 feet in height, or smaller than 35 feet in width, this year’s tree is a whopping 75 feet tall. Now if you think that’s big, then you must’ve forgotten about the one chilling in Rockefeller Center in 1999: it was 100 feet tall!

So, how many lights will the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree have?


If you’ve ever seen the tree, then you know NY goes hard when it comes to making it shine, and 2018 will be no different. The Norway Spruce is going to be fitted with some 50,000 lights, so it’ll be big, bright, and beautiful.

How much does the star on the famed tree weigh?


Swarovski is providing the star for this year’s tree, like they have been since 2004. It weighs a whopping 550 lbs, or, my bench press warm-up. It’s 9.5 in diameter and is loaded with some 25,000 crystals a million facets, and LED lights to make for a truly dazzling experience. If you’re wondering who designed such an amazing piece, you can thank German artist Michael Hammers.

When does the Rockefeller tree get taken down?


The tree will be lit up for the first time this year on Wednesday, November 28th. To kick off the tree lighting ceremony, there’ll be live band performances between 7-9 p.m. EST, at Rockefeller Plaza. If you’re planning on going, make sure you bundle up!

Now if you’re worried about not having enough time to check the tree out in person, or if grouchily wondering how long you’ll have to deal with people snapping selfies in front of the big tree, then either fret not or fret away, because it’ll be up until January 7, 2019.

Don’t forget about the Rockefeller Center skating rink!


You’ve seen it in countless movies and TV shows, and mentioned in a bunch of novels: the Rink at Rockefeller Center. It’s almost as old as the tree lighting ceremony itself: it was officially opened in 1936 and New Yorkers, tourists, and film production companies alike have been enjoying it ever since.

What happens to the Rockefeller tree after it’s taken down?


After the tree’s been uprooted for what’s basically a gigantic, temporal decoration, it’ll be donated to Habitat for Humanity to be used for constructing homes for those in need. This practice was started in 2007 and has been going strong ever since.

Are you planning on checking out the tree this Christmas season? If so, may your photos of the splendid holiday sight be absolutely wonderful. And if you’re worried about the added foot traffic to your commute, I can only suggest you get out of the house a little earlier and suck it up for the Holidays by pretending to enjoy it. Merry Christmas!